Robin Grimmgall is an intermediate, improving illustrator, aspiring to work professionally in the visual arts or literature industry, preferably as a 2D animator or illustrator. His focus is primarily on characters, especially anthropomorphic animals, however, he is striving to venture out into other subjects in the near future. He believes that anyone has the potential to master their craft with persistent hard work and diligence and that everyone's artwork reflects their unique personality and inner workings. Robin is located in the United States and was born on July 24, 2002. His personal interests are anthropomorphism, Gothicism, the paranormal, history, the obsolescent, sociology, and STEAM fields. A more in-depth version of his bio can be seen HERE.

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Beatniks, Flappers, Rockabillies, the Paranormal, Vintage/Retro, Horror/Gore, Halloween, Animals (Especially Theropods), Gothic themes, Sexology, Character Design and Development, World Building, Foreign Culture, Biology, Astronomy, Psychology, Sociology, History, The GI Tract and Ingestion/Digestive Process, Albert Einstein, Carl Barks, Donaldism/Disney Ducks (Except for Don Rosa, the DuckTales Reboot, and Topolino.)

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Political Views

Gender & Anatomical/Biological Sex
I believe it would be preferred if you had at least mild dysphoria with your sexual anatomy before you considered medical transitioning. This is to reduce any future regret or dysphoria you may have if you end up transitioning without having dysphoria, to begin with, especially if you take HRT or receive genital surgery (bodily or facial contouring and vocal surgeries can likely be reversed easily). However, if you insist on medically transitioning despite having no sexual dysphoria, please take responsibility for your actions, particularly if you are an adult. Do not blame the doctors for deciding to go along with your decision, especially if you either lied to get access to hormones/surgery or if you filled in an informed consent form. Do not be hostile toward the concept of transsexualism either. While I do not understand why a person would transition without feeling any physical dysphoria, I cannot stop you and all I can do is try to support your decision and your right to do so.Please inform yourself about everything there is to know about the transgender history and medical and/or social transitioning if you believe you may be transgender or if you are considering transitioning. Read about every single piece of information from every side of the debate before considering transitioning. This includes reading material you do not want to read and/or material you disagree with so you may get the entire picture of what you will face in your lifetime and/or make an informed decision about your true psychological sex and your situation and to get an idea of what transitioning is like, what to expect, and if it is the proper thing for you to do. Read all of this, even if you end up discarding this information and believing it doesn't apply to you (and/or anyone else).I believe gender is related to sex. While gender is not sex in and of itself, there is a tie between gender and sex, and that gender and sex may be correlated. Gender as a social role should be abolished completely. It is unnecessary and restrictive. People should be able to dress, behave, and enjoy whatever they please, regardless of what sexual anatomy they have. (Though, people may still be more attracted to certain presentations than others; that cannot be controlled.) However, gender, as in the way you perceive yourself, is based on anatomical sex and biological realities. It is related to whether or not you believe you should have breasts along with a vagina and uterus or a penis and testicles, whether you believe you should incubate another creature and give birth to it, or whether you should impregnate another creature. Whether you should have a sharp jawline, prominent brow ridge, narrow hips, wider nose, facial hair, and a deeper voice, or whether you should have wide hips, a smaller brow ridge, a narrower nose, smoother jaw, and eye shape, and little-to-no facial hair. Some people are fine with the characteristics they and members of their natal sex have. Some people believe they should have the complete opposite of what they and/or members of their natal sex have. Others believe they should have a mix of these characteristics, an in-between of these characteristics, or none of these characteristics at all. These are all valid opinions. However, no matter the case, gender typically has a physical form that relates to what sexual (and sexually dimorphic) characteristics they believe they should have. This does not encompass overall morphology such as whether you believe you should have pink hair or be a wolf or a star or an anime character. For this, "stargender" and related genders do not necessarily communicate what pronouns and general nouns we should use for you nor what sexual characteristics you believe you should have. It simply correlates what you believe is aesthetically pleasing, what physical form you wish to take, or what you feel relates to you in general—it is a general personality trait, unrelated to what gender is supposed to be.The goal of transitioning should be to live, function, and be perceived as a member of your adopted sex. This includes incorporating as much of their appearance as possible. While "passing" should not have to entirely be required to earn respect, there should be at least an effort in passing whenever possible.It makes no sense for someone to call themselves transgender if they are not planning on transitioning whatsoever, particularly in real-life. Transitioning, in this case, refers to even superficial changes such as wardrobe, hairstyling, make-up, and overall appearance. The "trans-" in transgender stands for transitioning.Chromosomes are not what determine biological sex. The genetics inside the chromosomes is what is a good portion of the determiner. Especially SOX-9 and FOXL2, which change sex almost entirely when one is switched off and the other is activated. These can be found within your chromosomes. The other portion is the hormones you are exposed to long-term. They do an immaculate job in producing most of the changes in your body, particularly during puberty. Chromosomes themselves do nothing. This is why you get sexual variations such as De la Chapelle Syndrome / XX Male Syndrome, Swyer Syndrome / XY Gonadal Dysgenesis, and (Complete) Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome.I do not approve of nounself pronouns. I would much rather use your name and rephrase sentences if necessary. Certain neopronouns have validity, but nounself pronouns seem like complete nonsense and mangling of language. Pronouns such as "skull/skulls/skullself" are very difficult to read and write, even more awkward to use verbally, and are too complicated to function as proper pronouns. Pronouns should be easy to pronounce, keep a sentence comprehensive, and be able to use without too much thought or effort. Pronouns such as "ey/em" and "kit/kits" are so similar to they/them and it/its, it seems worthless to use them instead of what already exists, not to mention that "kit" pronouns have the double inclusion of sounding like "kitty" that it would sound more like a name or a reference to a cat than a reference to a person or a proper pronoun—so much so that it would be worthless to use. Xe/xem, ze/zerm, heesh/himmer/hizzer, thon/thons/thonself, and similar seem to be the only neopronouns I consider valid.Transitioning should be considered a last-resort thing to do if no other methods such as psychotherapy have not helped with your dysphoria. For minors, transitioning during puberty should only occur if the child has had persistent signs of gender dysphoria since at least the age of 3 (maximum of 7). Puberty blockers would be good for these children if necessary, but only for these children.The causes of transsexualism may have many different origins, from neurological structures/neurological patterns to genetics, hormonal variations, and even environmental factors. For now, there is no way of being able to truly tell what causes gender dysphoria.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sexual Orientation / The LGBA & The Hetty Betties
Aromantic heterosexuals and heteromantic asexuals (alongside similar on the asexual spectrum) do not belong in the LGBT community due to being hetero. Aromantic asexuals, LGB asexuals, and transgender asexuals DO belong in the LGBT community due to being non-heterosexual and/or non-cisgender. While asexuals may be correctively raped for being asexual, and both aromantics and asexuals may be judged for being asexual/aromantic, they do not typically face other forms of oppression for simply being asexual or aromantic. Their cisgender heterosexuality/heteromanticism will shield them from most forms of oppression. They are not inherently LGBT.It makes no sense for lesbians to be attracted to post-transition transgender men (female-to-male transsexuals). Once a transgender man has completed transition, whether that includes or excludes genital surgery, it makes no sense for a homosexual female to be attracted to what is essentially a man or male appearance. The female-to-male vagina does not naturally lubricate anymore once on testosterone, they will smell like men, they will look like men, they will likely have no more (fully-formed) breasts—they will essentially be male in almost every way. There is not much for a lesbian to be attracted to and it seems more as though you are attempting to misgender them for political purposes than actual, genuine attraction to their current appearance. I mention lesbianism in particular solely because I have never seen a homosexual male claim to be attracted to a post-transition transgender woman (male-to-female transsexual), even the "gender critical" gay men.Non-binary people should not be considered lesbians. Lesbian = a woman who is exclusively attracted to other women, whether either woman is transgender or cisgender. If you identify as being sexless/genderless/null or being an androgyne, you cannot be a lesbian because you are not exclusively a woman. You either don't have a gender or you are both male and female (whether at the same time or at different points). Either way, you cannot be considered fully a woman, and being non-binary has excluded you from being considered such. If you are exclusively attracted to women, you are gynophilic. If you are exclusively attracted to men, you are androphilic. If you are attracted to every gender but your own, you are hetero. If you are only attracted to other epicene (non-binary) people, you are enbian. If you consider yourself a lesbian or a woman-loving woman (WLW), you are admitting that you still see yourself as a woman or directly connected to womanhood. In this scenario, it seems illogical to be able to have your cake and eat it too. Lesbian, for centuries, has been known for exclusive attraction to other women by women. It is improper to erase or corrupt the history and dictionary definition behind this word.There are only 4 orientations: heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, and asexual. Everything beyond these is simple preferences, whether that be personality, physical, morphological (e.g.: fat vs skinny), "dimensional" (e.g.: fiction vs reality), genital, health, or otherwise. Fetishes are also sexual preferences, whether you have one or not, whether you want to have sex with others alongside your fetish or not, whether you can get sexually aroused by other things or not—if your fetish is your only sexuality and it does not make you wish to engage in partnered sex, you can still be considered asexual. If you are interested in or have a strong desire to engage in sexual interactions with other people, you are likely homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual, even if this attraction only happens when you get to know someone, even if you prefer it when others do not feel the same way (rape?) and lose it when they do.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------